Meet Sweden’s Country Manager – Johan Lindquist!

What is your role on XPLORA?

Country  Manager Sweden

How long time have you been working at XPLORA?

1 year

Describe a typical day at XPLORA.

I start of every morning by going to the gym, it makes me more alert and creative under the whole day. I talk to the customer service team every morning to know what type of questions are coming in. Rest of the day I have meetings with customers and distributors.

What makes XPLORA successful?

Looking at the Swedish office it’s my fantastic team on customer support, marketing and sales. But also from the support of our CEO and our board of directors. We’re all really ambitious and want XPLORA to be the first hand choice when your child needs there first mobile phone.

What is success?

Success is different for all people, for us at XPLORA it’s important to put up individual goals for each and every colleague so they can reach their goal. Only then we can truly reach success.

Where do you see XPLORA in 5 years?

In 5 years I want XPLORA to be the leading provider of mobile phones for children. When parents think about buying a mobile phone to there children I want them to have XPLORA top of mind. XPLORA has just started there journey with GOPLAY and E-sport so I hope that these two growing platforms will be successful for XPLORA.

How should you work strategically to reach that goal?

It will not be easy. But as long as we have great colleagues and partners that believe in us and our journey it wouldn’t be a problem.

What is the best part working at XPLORA?

Number 1 is definitely all the fantastic people I get to work with on a daily basis. The company has a great entrepreneur feeling all the way from the very top and down to us at customer service, marketing and sales. We’re a Nordic founded company that is easy to work with and we all come from different backgrounds and countries BUT we all have the same goal and that is to make XPLORA the obvious choice when your child needs to buy their first mobile phone.