Get to know Kjetil Fennefoss – our Managing Director at XPLORA!

Can you please describe yourself with 3 words?

Focused, ambitious, hardworking


What is your hobbies?

Skiing, running, interior design


How do you balance spare-time, work and family?

Focus and priority on work during week, family and private interest at the weekends


What is your role on XPLORA?

Managing Director


What is most difficult about being responsible for the company’s best interest?

The responsibility for the employees


How long time have you been working at XPLORA?

Two years


Describe a typical day at XPLORA.

Check the cash-flow, sales figures, sales meeting, shareholder meetings, product related work, internal meetings and phonecalls, customer meetings


What makes a company successful?

Growth – increasing customer base and profit


What is success?

Profitable growth


Where do you see XPLORA in 5 years?

300.000 customers


How should you work strategically to reach that goal?

Focus on sales and marketing and have the best products


What is the best part working at XPLORA?

That we are a growing business, have happy customers, employees  and shareholders. That we are successfull in what we do


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